what is greatpeople.me eschedule

What Is Greatpeople.me ESchedule

Greatpeople.me is an online portal accessed by Kroger employees and officials. This online portal lets the employees of the Kroger company manage the Greatpeople.me Eschedule which is their work schedules, operations, time shifts, check their salaries, contact the higher officials and co-workers, check their retirement plans, and much more.

The Greatpeople.me Eschedule is a page on this portal that contains all the work-related information in it. This eschedule is updated daily by the managing officials. This eschedule needs to be checked every single day to know about the work updates and to be in touch with all the staff members. Using this portal, the employees need not visit the HR office for every single work.

what is greatpeople.me eschedule

Do you want to know how to check your employee-schedule on the Greatpeople.me website? This post will guide you through the complete details of the Greatpeople.me eschedule. What it is, how to use it, and how to access the eschedule.

What Is Greatpeople.me Eschedule

Greatpeople.me Eschedule is the employee schedule for the employees working at Kroger. Each and every staff member at Kroger will be given his or her work details, shift timings, full details about the work that has to be done, etc, on this eschedule. This eschedule is updated almost daily to keep all the staff members and officers up to date about the work that has been completed and that which has to be done. You will get all the relevant details about your job in your eschedule.

The information related to your job, such as who is going to be your partner, co-worker, associate, or who you are going to work under will also be given in your eschedule. You can check your messages, manage your schedule too. The tasks which have been completed, those which are pending, and which have to be started will all be notified with different colors in the Greatpeople.me eschedule so that it becomes easier to handle and operate on your works.

greatpeople.me eschedule

If you desire, you can make changes in your eschedule according to your time availability. There is also an option to “Add shift” in your eschedule where you can manage (add or remove) shifts from your work. Your Eschedule is in short an all-in-one platform to access all the details related to your job.

Till now you have seen what is Greatpeople.me Eschedule, what are its uses, and all. Now, we are going to see how you can check your Eschedule on Greatpeople.me website. If you are a new Kroger employee, then you must have been confused about where to check the eschedule for Kroger employees.

How To Check Greatpeople.me Eschedule

It is compulsory to check your eschedule on Greatpeople.me portal to know what is your job for that day. The daily work details updated here have to be checked in order to carry out the task. If you ever want to check the eschedule on your Kroger employee account, then you have to navigate down the steps given below.

  • First of all, visit the Kroger employee login website on www.greatpeople.me.
  • Now, enter your respective Enterprise User ID and Password and click on “Sign in”.

How To Check Greatpeople.me Eschedule

  • Once you have successfully signed in to your account, click on the “Schedules” tab.
  • The Schedules tab will be located at the middle-top of the page.
  • Your Greatpeople.me eschedule will be successfully opened on your screen.
  • Check your work details, timings, etc, on this page without any hassle.


We hope this article has helped you to know the full details about Greatpeople.me eschedule. We have given clear steps to access the Greatpeople.me schedule for all the employees. If you want to read more useful posts, then visit the Greatpeople.me website.

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