Kroger Feedback Survey

Kroger Feedback Survey Guide – Customer Satisfaction Survey

You might have heard about this Kroger Feedback Survey? Am I right? Well, if not also no problem. I am going to explain in simple terms. Whoever participates in the survey has a chance to win around free 50 fuel points or cash prizes respectively.

Participating in these kinds of survey not only benefit the customers but also giving a chance to the company for making improvements if any. And these can be known by learning every single customer’s feedback respectively.

Kroger Feedback Survey

So, therefore, recently If I have seen most of the people who are new could n’t participate in the survey. For all such customers, we have come with this guide towards you. Go through the below details and start taking a part in the survey now without any fail.

Kroger Feedback Survey Guide – Customer Satisfaction Survey

Before involving in the process, it is equally important to collect or gather the recent or latest receipt taken from the nearest outlets. And make sure the receipt comes with the details like date of the purchase, Purchase time, and Entry ID respectively. Now let us undergo certain steps that might help you to build an idea regarding the entire survey process.

  • First, open the web browser and visit the KrogerFeedback Customer Satisfaction survey official page. Or else copy and paste the following link directly into the search bar. And hit enter.

KrogerFeedback customer satisfaction survey

  • Now the Survey page is on the screen.
  • You are requested to take a receipt (latest) and enter the below details.
    • Date of the Receipt
    • Time of the Receipt
    • Entry ID
  • Tap on start.


  • Next to this, you are allowed to answer the questions honestly which you have taken from the recent visit.
  • Tap on Next. The Questions are here on the screen. (To get an idea, go through these questions asked in the survey).

Question 1 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Which of the Departments exactly did you browse or undergone Purchase from on this corresponding visit?” Is the first and initial query asked in the Survey?

Kroger feedback 50 fuel points

  • And you are requested to pick any of the following and then continue by tapping on next.

Question 2 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Rate Your Overall Satisfaction along with your experience undergone at this Kroger.
  • Once after providing the absolute or correct rating is done, click on Next.

Question 3 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Considering the most recent shopping experience, rate this Kroger on…


  • Mark the option according to the rating and then tap on Next again.

Question 4 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Rate the Friendliness of the Entire Employees.
  • Rate on the basis of your experience and tap on Next.

Question 5 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Rate the food-department related questions.
  • Based on the experience you earn, requested to rate it.

Question 6 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • During the Visit, was there anything you intended to buy, but did not?
  • If your answer is yes, tap on it. If no, select no.

Question 7 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Depending on the visit, what is the likelihood that you will…?
  • Choose any of the options and tap next.

Question 8 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • The question is how much exactly do you frame agree or disagree with the following?
  • Depending upon the choice you can select and tap on next.

Question 9 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Rate the satisfaction of one respective digital coupon?
  • If you have used the coupon, rate it otherwise choose N/A. Tap on next. Do enter why exactly you are not satisfied that too if you like or prefer to share. If not you can just leave it as a blank and continue without any fail.

Question 10 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Did You experience a problem during your visit?
  • If you face any issue, tap on the option called yes. If not you can select no.

Question 11 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Select the specific departments in which you like to provide valuable feedback.
  • Click the option accordingly or just leave it as a blank and continue by tapping on next.

Question 12 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Rate from 1 to 7 how exactly you like to rate.
  • Once done, click on next.
  • Also, rate from 1 to 7 regarding how likely or how much just you are preferring to shop at the respective Kroger?
  • Rate it and tap on Next.

Do not forget to enter the details in the Sweepstakes survey.

  • You are allowed and request to provide an email or like to undergo one more participation before entering the Sweepstakes. 50 bonus fuel points

  • Tap yes, and click Next.
  • Enter the details like First name, last name, address, city, State, Postal code, mobile number, and about your age.

kroger customer feedback

  • Finally, tap next to complete the entire process.

kroger feedback for fuel points survey

I hope everything is clear. Taking this as a base, you can build an idea of how to participate and other details without facing even a single issue. Keep in touch with greatpeople for learning more interesting things anytime and from anywhere successfully.

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