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Is Down: A brief Idea on Portal

Is down or is it just me? Well, this happens a lot of times to the website users. employee login portal encounters some server issues every now and then, and can cause the portal to not open or function properly. is the official website used by the employees of Kroger Company. The Kroger employees sign into their accounts using their respective employee ID and password on this portal. The employees can manage their schedules, work operations, payslips, and much more on this portal.

is down

But, sometimes, this login portal stops working all of a sudden. Why? Is down? Or the login portal is completely fine and it is not working only for you? Know how to troubleshoot the problem and get back to your dashboard on in this article.

Is Down

If you tried to sign in to your employee account on, but the portal is not responding, then there is a chance that the website is down or having some connectivity issues between the server and the client. Hence, you should make sure whether the website is really down or your device or browser is faulty. Current Status Down
URL Checked
Response Time N/A
Last Down 5 Hours Ago

For this, do as given below.

  • Simply Google “Is website is down?” and check the real-time results.

is website is down

  • Or you can also visit any of those down-site detector websites on your browser.
  • Some of the sites that you can visit are:
  • On any of these websites, enter “is down?” and get the search results.
  • If the result is “ seems to be down”, then just wait for the team to fix it.
  • If you get the result “ seems to be working”, then it means your device has some issue.
  • You need to fix the problem as soon as possible to access your account.

Is Down – Troubleshooting

If is not working on your device, then try the troubleshooting methods given below and fix the Kroger Employee Login Portal successfully.

Restart the Device & Router

Both the device say smartphone or computer, and the router needs to be restarted in order to fix the “greatpeople website is down” issue. Firstly, restart the computer or smartphone. And then, restart the modem or router that you use. This can quickly resolve the problem.

Fix Browser Issues

A faulty browser can be the reason why is down. Follow the steps given below to fix your browser.

  • Relaunch the browser and if that doesn’t work, reload the page.
  • Force refresh the website by pressing Ctrl+F5 keys on Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.

Is down or is it just me

  • Clear the cached images, cookies, and browsing history on your browser.
  • If still not fixed, update the browser say Chrome to its latest version.

Flush DNS

An issue with your Domain Network System (DNS) can also be the reason for the greatpeople website to face a downside. Follow the steps given below to flush the DNS.

  • Go to the Cortana search bar on your Windows 10 and type “command prompt”.
  • From the search results, click on “Run as administrator” under Command Prompt. not working

  • Once in the Command Prompt, type the command given below:
  • Press the Enter button to execute the command and wait for it to finish.
  • If still the site is not working, change the DNS of your device.


“Is down?” We hope the information provided in this post was able to resolve your doubts and issues regarding the website. If the login for is not working, then try the methods given above and resolve the issue. For more useful guides, visit our website on

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