Would you have ever heard about the company so-called Kroger Inc? Yes, this is the second-largest retailer locates in the United States of America. Within less amount of time, it has come forward of bringing the 24 branches along with the sub stores located in the USA. The Kroger never compromised on giving outstanding training to all the employees of how to serve the numerous customers in a dignified or respectful way.

That means in simple words let me tell you here right in the company all the Kroger associates or employees take care of customers in a proper and well-structured way. This is all possible when the company builds a strong communication bond among themselves updating with the current plans and updates to be performed further. Thus they come up with the online web portal.

This is where all the employees or associates have a chance to access all the work-related information on time and this leads to the rapid growth by achieving high customer satisfaction. Whoever employees/ associates working over the 24 stores going to get the unique login details that allow them to access their account on time securely and successfully too.


Well, all the employees or associates working in different stores have a chance to get access to the services/ benefits at the right time. Services like pay-stubs, work-related data, salary, number of leaves taken, number of holidays given, incentives, announcements, weekly schedules allotted to every single employee, tasks, current or daily updates, and many more were guided or provided through the portal straightforwardly!!!!

While getting back to the benefits, details regarding medical and life insurance, pension, discounts, vouchers to shop, emergency leaves, and many more were offered in the right way. So, this portal acts as a key between the whole management resulting in the company’s outstanding performance.

A Few Lines About The Kroger

Kroger Inc is one of the tops and famous American Retail company introduced in the year 1883. And the name of the founder is Bernard Kroger. Initially, this has been introduced and equally headquartered at the Cincinnati, Ohio, the United States of America. Within less amount of time, has become one of the famous and second-largest retail company and at the same time considered as the largest supermarket in terms of revenue. Rodney McMullen was the CEO of the company and operating today around 2,999 locations along with 2,757 supermarkets and 242 jewelers running successfully. And moreover, the Inter-American Product and numerous chains were categorized as divisions to the Company Kroger Inc.

Quick Analysis On Greatpeople.Me

Name of the Online Web Portal
Introduced by the company Kroger Inc
Who can log in and access Kroger and also the Kroger Subsidiaries employees were eligible to access and learn their day to day work schedules, tasks, and many more!!!
Founder of the Kroger Inc Bernard Kroger
Introduced in the year 1883
Headquartered at Ohio, Cincinnati, the United States of America
CEO of the company Rodney McMullen
Lists of Kroger Subsidiaries who were allowed to access Kroger, City Market, Baker’s, Dillons, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Gerbes, Harris Teeter, Fry’s, King Soopers, Smith’s Food and Drug, Pay-Less Super Markets, QFC, and Ralphs.
Official Site Address
Customer Service Number 1–800–576–4377

GreatPeople.Me Login 

Today I have come with the two methods that help in accessing the online employee web portal. For both desktop users and mobile users. Based on the comfortability and timing, you can choose any of the methods, follow the instructions, and implement the same to get access to your account at at the right time.

How To Login To GreatPeople.Me?

  • First, open any of the supportable web browsers and visit the official site Or try copy and paste the link subjected to respectively.
  • Now, you can notice the home page on the screen just like the below image.


  • Right over there initially, you are requested to enter the Enterprise User Id [EUID] which is provided by the Kroger HR at the beginning time.
  • Now secondly, enter the password in the given space.
    • For suppose, if you are accessing the account for the first time, enter the temporary password given by the Kroger Inc HR.
    • If you are not new and already created another strong tricky password to secure your account highly, enter the same.
  • Finally, after the successful entry, tap on the sign-in button. That’s all!!! You are all set to access their services or benefits wonderfully.

Rules And Regulations To Get Login At Greatpeople.Me

Below are certain rules and regulations to be followed by every associate or an employee very well.

  • Should have the details like Enterprise User ID and password.
  • A correct web address respectively.
  • Operating Systems like Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 or Windows 8.1/ Windows 10. If it is Mac, Version 10.5.8 or higher.
  • Supportable web browser.
  • Cookies and Javascript were enabled in your device.
  • Strong internet connection with 100% signal strength.

Steps To Reset GreatPeople.Me User ID And Password

We all know to get a login to the account successfully, we need the login credentials. Right? So, if you have lost all such details, how to recover? Is there any chance to retrieve details or any method that helps us recovering lost information? Yes, let us now focus on how we can retrieve the lost details.

Steps To Reset GreatPeople.Me Password

Having a password is very important and it is considered as a minimum requirement to access the online web portal. So, therefore, let us learn simple steps and recover the lost information none other than password now.

  • Initially, open any of the web browsers on your smart device and visit the Kroger’s official site
  • Next to this, you will able to notice the login page appearing on the screen.
  • Right there if you have observed, there is a link what’s this just beside the password field. Tap on it. kroger employee login portal

  • You are going to see another page displaying on the screen requesting you to fill the Enterprise ID.

greatpeople password recovery link

  • Enter the absolute or valid enterprise Id and click on continue.
  • Make sure you have to confirm the identity just simply answering certain questions and then follow the entire on-screen instructions.
  • A password recovery link is sent to your registered mail id. So, therefore open your mail and straightforwardly tap on the corresponding link.
  • Complete the whole process by following the on-screen instructions now and do change/ reset the new password now without any fail.
  • Try to create a strong, tricky including special characters/ alphanumeric turning up the password strength strong and do not forget to keep a copy of your login details.
  • Now, as a result, you are all set to access the online web portal by providing login details as an input.

Steps To Recover Greatpeople.Me UserID/ Enterprise User ID

If in the case of user id, and if it is lost, the Kroger’s support team definitely helps and guides you for providing it right away. the only thing you need to make sure is contacting the information security team of one particular’s Kroger store or the personal manager respectively.


Apart from this, you have another chance of recovering the lost user ID. How? Let me guide you, just open the official online web portal and there if you have observed what’s this link is going to appear beside the empty field of an enterprise user ID. Click on it.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the whole process. But do remember the user ID is completely case-sensitive.

Greatpeople.Me Benefits

Well, the below lists specify certain benefits associated and achieved on accessing this online web portal. Take a look and learn now what exactly they are mentioned in bullet points.

  • Employees working under Kroger Inc can receive greater discounts and equally special offers too.
  • Also, Employees have an opportunity to continue their education and can improve the other learning skills if any.
  • Full-time employees were greatly eligible for receiving retirement pension, insurances, vacation packages, and many more respectively.

What All Tasks Can Be Performed On Accessing This Portal

Below we have come with the simple lists of tasks done by the Kroger employees right over in the online web portal so-called Let us go through one by one now without wasting even a single second.

  • All the employees working under Kroger performs daily tasks successfully without contacting any of the supervisors.
  • You are going to get an opportunity of learning various things like discounts, special offers given yo every single employee.
  • Besides this, employees can learn new or current updates that are going to take place in the company.
  • Also, accessing, all the employees have another chance of applying for the leaves and equally plan for vacations successfully.

Wrapping Up

I hope you are now able to get access to your account without facing any kind of issue or trouble. For more details or any doubts you like to discuss, you can just simply post a comment. As soon as we see, we will help and guide you at the right time. For enhancing more updates, keep in touch with and learn all the needful content posted over here.